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The aim of this Conference is gathering active researchers and students in the field of nonlinear fluid dynamics in order to provide a forum for discussions. Since 1976 through 2008 the Conference was organized by the Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University (see These conferences were widely attended by scientists and students from Russia and other countries.


The main topics are:

-         mathematical aspects of hydrodynamic instability;

-         transition processes;

-         chaos and turbulence;

-         computational fluid dynamics;

-         applications to microgravity sciences, geophysics, astrophysics, ecology etc.



Abstracts of the invited lectures, oral and poster presentations will be published in the Proceedings. MS Word format manuscripts should be sent to before 15 January 2010.



The official Conference language is Russian.



The Conference will be held in a holiday hotel in the picturesque Moscow suburb. The average February temperature in Moscow is about -5 Co.



Registration fee is 600 Euro (to be paid in cash upon registration). It includes accommodation, meals and transfer from/to airport.

If you are interested in participating in the Conference please provide us with the following information:

1.      Full name.

2.      Birthday /day-month-year, place of birth and sex/.

3.      Citizenship.

4.      Passport No.

5.      Place of work.

6.      Position.

7.      Full post address of institution.

8.      Phone, E-mail and Fax.

9.      In what Russian embassy or consulate you would like to get a visa.

10.  Presentation title.

Also, please, send us a copy of your passport pages with your data (usually unfold of 1-st page).

Upon receiving the abovementioned information the official invitation will be sent you by the middle of January, 2010.


Dr. Nikolay Nikitin

Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University

1, Michurinsky prospect

119899, Moscow, Russia

Tel/Fax: +7(495)9395136