List of articles in Fluid Dynamics, received on 1 February.

SA Isaev, AI Leont’ev, Nikuschenko DV, AG Sudakov, barbel AE «Intensification of separated flow in the inclined trench, single oval holes on the narrow wall of the channel.» 

VV Bulatov, Yu Vladimirov «Internal gravity waves in a stratified medium with model distributions of shear flows.»

Demin VA, Maryshev BS, Menshikov AI «Hydrodynamic modes nanosuspeziyami impregnation of porous media to create materials with predetermined properties.»

Djalalov MV «Numerical and Experimental determination of the drag coefficient depending on the size of the parachute pole hole.»

Franz EA, Artyukhov DA, Kireev TS, Ganchenko GS, EA Demekhin «Education and vortex shedding from the surface of a charged dielectric microparticles in a strong electric field.»

Bolotnova AD Gainullina EF «Modeling the dynamics of the impact on water foam in view of the viscoelastic properties and phenomena of syneresis.»

Gembarzhevskii G., K. Yu Osipenko «intermittency integrated trace modes in the framework of the nonlinear models of the Van der Pol, Landau-Stuart.»

Gladkov SO, Aung Zaw «On the hydrodynamic flow turbulence from the viewpoint of bifurcation theory.»

Egorov IV, IM Ilyukhin, Neyland VY «Influence of wall slip velocity engagement shock of a laminar boundary layer.»

Karelin AN «Vortex flows in marine systems and devices.»

Kolesnik EV Smirnovsky AA, Smirnov EM «On the nonuniqueness of solutions of the three-dimensional modeling supersonic flow region conjugation blunt body and the plate viscous gas.»

Makarov MS, VG Lushchyk «Heat transfer surface on the permeate flow at a supersonic gas blowing foreign.»

Matyushin PV «Peculiarities of internal waves in the wake of a body for highly stratified viscous fluid.»

Chuvahov PV, Pogorelov IO «Influence entropy layer turbulence at the boundary layer in the supersonic wake behind isolated irregularities.»

Popovic SS, Zditovets AG, Kiselev NA «Experimental investigation of adiabatic wall temperatures in the supersonic flow wake behind the ledge.»

Reshetnyak M. «Three-dimensional cascade model of thermal convection with rotation.»

Guvernyuk SV KuzminA.G., SimonenkoM.M. «Structure and rearrangement of eddy currents on the leeward side of the axisymmetric body in supersonic flow at angles of attack.»

Soboleva EB «Naturally-convective flow and shear variable viscosity fluids in porous media.»