03.02.2020 »

Dear colleagues!

The website contains lists of accepted abstracts and  obtained papers in Fluid Dynamics on February 1, 2020.

31.01.2020 »

Dear colleagues!

Due to the numerous references to theses reception XXIV NeZaTeGiUs International Conference — 2020 is extended until February 10, 2020.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zvenigorod!

21.01.2020 »

Registration for the conference will be open from 17:00 March 30, 2020 .

Scientific meetings are scheduled in the morning March 31 to April 3 evening, so be settled in guesthouse is on 30 March.

16.01.2020 »

Dear colleagues! We remind you that the January 31 finish accepting abstracts for the conference NeZaTeGiUs — 2020 manuscripts and articles for Fluid Dynamics. Rules of registration are available on our website:

From already submitted abstracts are not all fully comply with the rules of registration in accordance with the template , which requires us to publisher of the collection. So please except abstracts the file in pdf format also send a file to doc format (docx). This will allow our editor to correct the existing registration inaccuracies. We also recommend that in addition to job keynote speaker in the cap of theses indicate his e-mail address. Please pay careful attention to the design of the manuscript for MZhG

Proper and accurate design — a prerequisite promptly published (4-5 rooms in 2020) 

Also recalls the need to register on the conference website 

Provided early booking rooms for accommodation of the conference participants will receive a discount of 10% of the cost, so Please identify your reservation conference organizers . The letter must specify the terms of accommodation, room category and number of guests. Information on the venue available on the conference website

30.12.2019 »

Dear colleagues!   

Russian Federal Property Fund announced a competition for the best projects of the organization of conferences in which we are going to participate. One of the conditions of RFBR grant for this competition is the point 3.7 «. At least 50% of Russian participants reporting activities should be prepared on the results of the implementation of projects supported by the Russian Federal Property Fund,» We ask you in the abstracts do not forget to include links to support the Russian Federal Property Fund, may even already completed projects. We hope that in case of winning the grant, we will be able to financial support of certain categories of participants, whose work was supported by RFBR.   

Congratulations to all a Happy New Year! We wish you good health and success in the new year! See you in Zvenigorod!

09.12.2019 »

Dear colleagues, as we already reported, OK «Snegiri» for reasons beyond our control, we refused to accept our conference in the previously agreed dates between March 31 and April 3, 2020 As part of our conference participants have already announced dates reserved in its schedule, the postponement we thought impossible. So we had to quickly look for an alternative venue for the conference.

Under these circumstances, we believe that the most correct will return to the same place, namely in the pension Zvenigorod , which NeZaTeGiUs was conducted from 2010 to 2018.

Information about the venue is available on our website

29.11.2019 »

Dear colleagues! For reasons beyond our control OK Snegiri will not be able to take our conference in the previously agreed terms on 31 March — 3 April. We will have to change either the place or date of the. We hope in the coming days to take appropriate decisions. We believe that the situation is more correct to change the venue of the conference. However, the possibility of changing the dates can also stand in the search options.

If someone changing the timing for some reasons is not desirable (to impose a timetable purchased w / d, or airline tickets, etc.), please notify us promptly.

11.11.2019 »

Contains information on the procedure for payment of the registration fee.

07.11.2019 »

Determined by the date of reception and the order of registration 
— abstracts
— papers for publication in Math. RAS Fluid Dynamics
— applications for the competition of a name of academician GI Petrov premium

05.11.2019 »

XXIV International Conference NeZaTeGiUs 2020 will be held from March 31 to April 3, 2020 in recreation complex «Snegiri»

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