The order of registration of abstracts and articles for publication in Fluid Dynamics

Abstracts  should be sent electronically to the Organizing Committee to the address  no later than January 31, 2020 . Abstracts must be written in English or Russian (optional authors of both possible) in accordance with the  template  and submitted in electronic form  
in two file formats PDF and DOC (DOCX).

The file name is recommended names of speakers in English, for example, Ivanov.pdf. Young speakers (under 35 years) should be added to the file name _mol: Ivanov_mol.pdf. The list of co-authors of the report should be followed by the first name of the intended speaker.

The abstract is limited to 1 p., Including figures and references.

By agreement with the editorial board of the journal » Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Fluid Mechanics «( Izv. RAN. Fluid Dynamics ) operational (in №№ 4, 5 in 2020) publication in the Journal of the papers presented at the conference. In addition to the desire of the author / authors of the basis for the publication will serve as a recommendation of the Program Committee. To be published in Math. Russian Academy of Sciences. Fluid Dynamics work must meet all the requirements of the journal, in particular, contain new, previously unpublished results and the manuscript is decorated in accordance with the rules . In addition, the following restrictions are imposed on the volume of the article: The manuscript should not exceed 10,000 characters of text including spaces and can not contain more than 4 figures.

The final decision on the publication of articles in Math. Russian Academy of Sciences. Fluid Dynamics is retained by the Editorial Board.

Manuscripts for publication in Math. Russian Academy of Sciences. MZhG must be received by the Organizing Committee in electronic form no later than January 31, 2020 . For the file name is recommended that the name of the author, who will continue to engage in correspondence of the article, for example, Ivanov_paper.pdf. Also, it is advisable to file with the manuscript is sent from the email address of the author.