Prize named after GI Petrov

I. General Provisions
1. The Prize named after Academician GI Petrova (with chest medal) was established by the Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 
2. The prize is awarded every two years on the basis of open competition for outstanding achievements in the field of hydrodynamic stability and turbulence theory. 
3. The prize includes a sum of money (in rubles) and the name of the metal medal. 
4. The award is confined to the conduct of traditional international conferences «Nonlinear problems of the theory of hydrodynamic stability and turbulence.» 
5. The competition for the award may be involved scientists from the Russian Federation, with the publication in peer-reviewed journals over the past five years.
6. At the award are presented separately published scientific work or series of works by a single theme, belonging to one scientist or co-published by a team of no more than three authors (in this case, the prize is divided equally between the parties and each of them receives a nominal medal). 
7. The collection of papers presented at the award may not include work previously received other public or nominal prize or medal, as well as the work already submitted for the award thereof. 
8. Information about the competition on the competition of a name of academician GI Prize Petrova posted on the official website of the Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

II. Nomination of candidates for the award
9. The right to nominate candidates for the competition named after Academician GI Prize Petrova is provided: 
a) the members of the Presidium of the Russian National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Committee; 
b) the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences; 
c) to scientists and scientific-technical council of scientific institutions, universities and departments of the Russian Federation. 
10. Individuals and tips, nominated a candidate for the award must submit an application, comprising: 
a) a substantiated justification for the nomination of a scientific characteristic is the published work (series of works) of the candidate; 
b) represents the scientific work (series of works); 
c) information on the candidate (list of major scientific publications and discoveries, the main place of work and positions occupied over the years, which include the submitted work, home address and phone number); 
g) a statement of the candidate that none of the presented scientific works were not awarded state or nominal premium and not put forward at the present time for obtaining other prizes. 

Applications are sent to the address of the Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University (Moscow 119192, Michurinsk avenue, d. 1) with a mark «on competition of a name of academician GI Petrov premium» to the January 31, 2020.

III. The order of consideration of the works
11. All works submitted to the competition are considered the competition jury, the composition of which is approved by the founders (not published in the press). 
12. The jury makes its decision by open ballot. 
13. Minutes of Jury stored in the Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. 
14. The members of the jury — Award applicants are automatically eliminated from the jury at the time of consideration of the submitted ideas to them. At this time, the founders may introduce additional members of the Jury.

IV. The award, medal and diploma
15. Individuals awarded Prize named after Academician GI Petrova, a diploma of the established sample founders and medal, which is awarded to individuals awarded their traditional International Conference «Nonlinear problems of the theory of hydrodynamic stability and turbulence.»